[FS] Alesis Andromeda A6 - Roland System 100 Model 101

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[FS] Alesis Andromeda A6 - Roland System 100 Model 101

Hi ppl.
I'm selling my fully working Andromeda A6 (all 16 voices and filters perfectly working). Only thing: some of the potentiometers need some cleaning, as the corresponding values change in a somewhat "uncontrolled" way (you have to be quite "soft" and precise when dialing in some values). Included is the original manual, no original box though.

Also for sale, my Roland System 100 Model 101. I would like to say it's "mint" condition, but that'd be BS! :-) It is in quite good condition, tracking and calibration have been done 1.5 years ago and I can't hear it being "out-of-tracking". A couple of scratches on the front panel are the signs of time, along with one slider (filter cutoff) being a bit "noisy" when used (needs to be cleaned, because when I use it during like 15-20 minutes, the noise it produces almost disappears).
Nothing else but the synth and its power cord - no original box, nor manual.
Prices in CHF are as follows:

A6 - CHF 2'900.-
Model 101 - CHF 1'800.-

I'd really like to avoid shipping the mentioned synths, as I hate packing such gear: I always fear not to be packing good enough! :-/
Thus, I prefer on-site pick up, for which I can offer also to drive to my hometown in Italy (Verbania) if it helps.

If interested, please ask for pictures. I might be putting them online in the next days - I'd update this thread if/when I'd be doing it.
Prices are negotiable (within reasonable boundaries).

Thanks and regards,